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Mary has been working with clay for over 12 years since she ‘retired’ to look after her family. She trained as an engineer with British Aerospace and her engineering background can be seen in some of her ceramics. Working with your hands in clay is very therapeutic and she enjoys classes at the Caversham Adult Education Centre which she calls a ‘joint therapy’ session gaining and giving support to other potters.

She likes to experiment with a range of techniques; thrown pots are often manipulated and hand built shapes are often developed from ideas of items made in other materials. Recently she has been focussing on veneers made using coloured clay. She has just started making planters for the garden that have a very organic feel about them. Many of her pots are functional as table and oven-ware, but sculptural forms are also made.

Many years ago she was given the nickname of PYRO (short for pyromaniac) and so all her pots are marked with the Greek letters π (pi) and ρ (rho).

Mary’s love for working with clay caused an extension to be built at home giving her a studio.

You can see a selection of her recent work below. She would love to receive more commissions.





For further details please contact info@ursaden.com